CFCA Cruise to "Corvettes in Paradise"
Islamorada , the
Florida Keys
Departing Friday, November 7th, 2008

Show & Registration Info:
Click HERE for the FKCC Corvettes in Paradise Registration Form

Starting Point:

CFCA will meet at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant just South of SR417 at the intersection of SR 417 (Greeneway) & US 17/92/441 (OBT)
13300 S. Orange Blossom Trail
SR 417 & US 17/92/441
Orlando, FL 32837-6636

Meet for breakfast at 7 A.M. with a driver's meeting at 8 A.M. and immediate departure after everyone has signed the club liability waiver.

Please Note: Trying to keep everyone together has proven difficult in the past so this year we encourage you to pair up with a Caravan buddy (or two). You may stay with the main group or head out at your own pace, if you wish. The suggested route is shown below along with recommended rest stops and service plazas, but you are free to pick your own route if you choose. Just be courteous to other drivers on the road, be safe, and try not to follow Hutch to Naples! J

The Route:

Due to current construction work, from the Cracker Barrel, we will turn right onto Town Center Blvd. (West). At the 2nd light we will turn left onto John Young Parkway (South). At the 3rd light we will turn left (East) onto Osceola Parkway and head towards the Florida Turnpike, approx. 4 miles. The we'll turn right onto the Florida Turnpike (South) where we will begin our journey to the Keys.

F.T. Mile Marker 229                Canoe Creek Service Plaza (scheduled stop)

F.T. Mile Marker 184                Fort Drum Service Plaza (optional stop)

F.T. Mile Marker 144                Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie Service Plaza (scheduled stop)

F.T. Mile Marker 94                 West Palm Beach Service Plaza (optional stop)

F.T. Mile Marker 71                  Exit to Sawgrass Expressway (Route 869)

                                               Take Sawgrass Expressway to I-75 South

I-75, Exit 5                             Head towards KEY WEST

F.T. Mile Marker 39                 Rejoin Florida Turnpike South

F.T. Mile Marker 19                 Snapper Creek Service Plaza (optional stop)

F.T. Mile Marker 2                   Florida City (scheduled stop at Shell Station)

                                               Take U.S. 1 towards Key West

U.S. 1 Mile Marker 84              Holiday Isle Resort in Islamorada

Our first scheduled reststop will be at the at the Canoe Creek auto plaza rest area at Mile Marker 229 for early-morning coffee drainage. Our next stop will be at the Fort Pierce rest stop about 1-1/2 hours from Orlando. We will bypass most of the Miami traffic by taking the Sawgrass Expressway (Route 869) at Mile Marker 71 and continue on to I-75 South.

We'll follow I-75 South to exit 5 (old 3B exit to Key West) where we will once again get back onto the Florida Turnpike southbound. If needed, we'll stop at exit 9 (Coral Gables Drive) for a rest stop and then continue on to Florida City where the Turnpike ends and we'll have our next scheduled potty/fuel stop at the big Shell station on the right hand side of the road. It can get pretty crowded in there so if there is no room, visit one of the other gas stations on either side the highway.

From that point on it's a 2 lane road with occasional passing areas every few miles. The narrow roads in the upper keys can be quite dangerous (darn tourists!) so be careful.

The Holiday Isle Resort on Islamorada Key will be on your left at Mile Marker 84. Given time for potty/fuel stops, we should arrive by 3 PM. When you pull in, members of the Florida Keys Corvette Club to direct you where to park and then go register at the Hotel.

General Info:

FRS radios should be set to channel 7, sub-channel 0. Please keep this channel clear for caravan info and emergencies..

Turnpike Tolls. You'll need your E-Pass/SunPass Transponder or approximately $11 in tolls.

Caravan Etiquette. Safety is our prime concern. Please turn on your parking lights or daytime running lights. When traveling in a caravan with other Corvettes, keep it reasonably tight but maintain enough distance between cars to be safe. Be alert and WATCH the car in front of you. When the car in front of you slows or applies their turn signal, please do likewise for the benefit of those behind you. Caravans have the tendency to "rubber band" but we'll slow down after each toll booth or other bottleneck to allow others to catch up. Observe the speed limit and all traffic laws (rules dictate I gotta say that).

Holiday Isle. After checking in to the Hotel and getting settled in your room, most folks congregate in the parking lot for some socializing or to grab a late lunch at the Tiki Bar or one of the other eateries in the Holiday Isle complex.

Traditionally on Friday night, many of us trek south across the bridge from Holiday Isle to feast on the sumptuous buffet at the Whale Harbor Inn. Its all you can eat seafood and other "landlubber" favorites, so come hungry. Cost is about $25 + tax & tip per person but it's worth it. There are less expensive restaurants nearby, as well.

Saturday is show day so those so inclined get up early to start cleaning their cars. Others sit around with a cool beverage watching others do all the work. Yer choice!

The awards ceremony will be later that afternoon. Relax and enjoy the show. Most assuredly there will be a party going on in one of the hotel rooms that night.

Tradition also has it that we eat Saturday night after the show at the Islamorada Fish Camp. This is a lovely outdoor setting on the water with superb food. A huge Great American Sportsman store is next door and always worth a walk through. But who knows? We may do something different this year or you might choose to dine on your own!

Key West. Some continue on to Key West and usually depart at some reasonable hour Sunday morning. No big rush... the bars don't open until noon! J Check into your hotel and then join us for lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville on Duvall Street. That afternoon and on into the night, you may want to visit some of Key West's great night spots like Sloppy Joe's, Hog's Breath Saloon, Fat Tuesday's, Captain Tony's, the Bull, and many others. Just try to keep your composure! J You may also want to try a sunset cruise or some other activity on Monday night.

Have Fun but be Safe! And remember... Keep the SHINY side UP! J

Hutch & Patti

Lost? Call Patti's cell at 407-256-1335 or Hutch's at 407-810-5519.