The Russell Home for Atypical Children

Christmas Gift Suggestion List 2003

Note to CFCA Members: Please select a name or two from this list and wrap the item(s) in colorful gift wrap paper and place the child's name on the package. Alternatively, simply mark your gift for a BOY or a GIRL. General household supplies are also always needed as well (see wish list at the end).

This year CFCA will deliver the gifts and our annual donation during a driveout to the
Russell Home on Sunday, Dec 14th, meeting at Courtesy (formerly World) Chevrolet, SR436 just outside OIA at 10:00 A.M, to depart at 10:30 A.M. Your heart WILL be touched by this event! If you cannot attend the driveout, bring your gifts to a club meeting and we'll make sure they get delivered. And remember... it's for the children! Thanks, and Happy Holidays in advance!

Thanks to member Gary Dzkowski for obtaining this list for us!
(Blame Hutch for any typos!)


These are merely suggestions, you are welcome to use your own judgment for gifts. The children watch TV like all children and want everything they see, so you couldn’t miss pleasing them. If you have any questions, please call 407-855-8063, and thank you again for being so thoughtful.


- Janet Dixon, Director, The Russell Home for Atypical Children





ANN:        Chocolate, Barbie stuff, nail polish, cookies, Atlanta Braves stuff, perfume


JENNIFER:   Hair bands or clips, stuffed animals, musical animals, Barbie Doll


BEVERLY:    Candy, books, pocket books, nail polish, lip stick, lotions and perfumes


SHERREE:    Candy, balls, nail polish, perfume, powder, radio


KIM:        Candy, Elvis stuff, nail polish, anything to do with a desk (paper, pens, markers), wedding dolls, anything to do with weddings


JACKIE:     Baby doll stuff, hair bands or clips, stuffed animals, cookies, books, radio with headset


MARY:       Candy, bracelets, necklace, perfume, powder, hats


MARILYN:    Plastic toys, blocks, stuffed animals, pajamas size Medium, house slippers size 8 women’s


ROBIN:      Candy, books, necklace, bracelets, perfumes, lotions, pocket book


AMY T:      Candy, bracelets, necklace, perfume powders, baby doll stuff, Barbie dolls with clothes, Barbie car, books


AMY C:      (crib child) – Baby dolls, stuffed animals, soft blankets for crib, hair clips


SUSIE:      (crib child) – stuffed animals, soft blankets for crib, musical animals to tie to crib


MARISOL:    (crib child) – stuffed animals, hair clips or bands, soft blankets for crib, musical animals to tie to crib


LISA:       Candy, baby doll stuff, cookies, doll clothes, baby stroller, high chair for baby dolls


GINNY:      Plastic toys, blocks, pajamas size Medium, house slippers size 7-8 womens


BJ:         Dolls, Toys, cookies, candy, Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes


CRYSTAL:    Hair Bands or clips, candy, cookies, Barbie Dolls & clothes

LEAH:       Dolls, candy, cookies, books, Barbie doll & clothes, musical animals






JOHNNY:     Radio with head set, candy, cookies, after shave, boy’s pajamas


JON-JON:    Candy, cookies, McDonald certificates, Radio with head set


STEVIE:     Musical guitar, boys size 16 warm up suit, cologne


KENNY:      Cookies, candy, trains, airplanes, radio with head set


NEWTON:     Cookies, candy, CD’s, after save, Batman poster, Loves Barry Manilow, Wayne Newton, Christmas music


MIKE:       Cookies, candy, ball hats, radio with headset or CD


JOSEPH:     Cookies, candy, little toys to hold in hand, stuffed toys, soft blanket, musical toys to hold


PAUL:       Cookies, candy, trucks, cars, plastic blocks


DAVID:      (crib child) – Stuffed toys, things to hang on crib, soft blankets


BENJI:      Candy, cookies, radio headset of CD, CD’s, country music CD’s, he loves basketball, loves posters of sports


BYRON:      Candy, cookies, trucks, cars, after shave


BOBBY:      (crib child) – Things to hang on his crib, soft blankets, stuffed animals that are musical


SONNY:      (blind child) – Stuffed animals, cookies, candy


CHAD:       Stuffed toys, musical toys, cookies, candy, things to hang on his wheelchair


MICHAEL PIERRE:   A baby born 11/7/03. 4 lbs. Anything for a new baby.






The following is a list of items always in need at the Russell Home:


Household Needs:



Food Processor

Brooms & mops

Gallon buckets of soap powder

Wash cloths (light colors)

Bath towels (light weight and colors)

White jersey twin fitted sheets

Liquid hand soap (pump)


Body wash or Gels


Garbage bags (90 gallon & tall kitchen types)


Food Items:

Applesauce (gal cans or individual packets)

Instant mashed potatoes

Canned fruit

Thin spaghetti & sauce

Canned pastas (raviloli, spaghetti O’s)

Cream of Soups (Chicken, mushroom, celery)

Chicken & beef broths


Flour (self rising, all purpose)

Macaroni and cheese

Pasta noodles


Outside Needs:

Riding lawn mower

Push mowers

Weed eater




Garbage cans (large plastic)


Vehicle Needs:

Oil Change gift certificates

Tires – size 225 75 R15

Car wash gift certificates


Just for Fun Needs:

Fast Food Coupons

Sam’s or Costco gift certificates (for lunch items & supplies)

Any Attraction Tickets would be wonderful for the children as rewards

Golf Kart